About me

And why I chase the aurora

Brighton Seeley, Tasmanian Aurora Photographer

I don’t think I could ever stop chasing auroras.

Originally from Toronto, Canada, I’ve lived in Southern Tasmania since 2009.

I saw my first aurora when I was 17, at my local beach in Murdunna on the Tasman Peninsula. I’ve been hooked ever since.

I’m now 28 years old and my day job is a youth worker in rural Tasmania, but at nighttime you’ll often find me on a deserted beach or mountaintop taking panoramas of the aurora or Milky Way.

My main focus is on vast night landscapes created with multi-photograph mosaics and high resolution panoramas. My appreciation for the fascinating science behind auroras drives me to capture and craft my images in a way that thoughtfully conveys their breathtaking colours and forms.

My photography has been recognised in the Dark Sky Tasmania and CWAS David Malin awards, as well as featured in the TasWeekend and Journeys magazines.